Animal's Rock & Roll Career

Early 80's
I was performing with a project called Anthem.

Mid 80's
I was with a rejuvenated band with some of the same members of anthem. We were called Dead Center,

Late 80's to Early Millennium.
I had the privilege of going many years with just one gig a year with the promotion being skippers birthday bash. We played under the name guestar.
After many years of one or two gigs a year, we managed to find the right chemistry with a group and we managed quite a bit of success. We made some money, and we got the chance to warm up for Jimmy Van zant. But the thing I liked most about these years is that we had a blast and I got to go on the "Great, North American, Bait shop Tour", with the greatest bunch of guys in the world.

From late 03 to early 05
I have been playing with a project called Dunlop's hooligans I was playing bass and singing. I had a blast for almost 2 years but they knew from the start that I wasn't planning on staying. Here again These are some great folks.

Began writing music with remnants of the old guestar

Mid 2006
I became a frontman for a project called Bullseye

Some Songs Played

Songs known and status as of 2/05

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